Since 2007, the educational communities using immersive digital spaces for learning have come together to share what we have learned about using games and simulations in the classroom. For many, the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education has been the vanguard leading the charge on understanding how culture, technology and pedagogy merge to provide a more enriching experience for both teachers and students.

Over the last thirteen years, we have gone beyond the stage, establishing connections at the crossroads of being here and being epic. We have looked behind us at the legacy we have left behind and the horizons of new possibilities, and carried forward with the VRevolutions of new technologies and collaborations, then on to re:Vision the future of education. The common thread through all the years since the first conference has been “Teaching, Learning, Research.” This year, with that, we are going STELLAR!

When we look up into the night sky, we are filled with awe as to the immense possibilities of what could be out there. Education is no different. We are surrounded by hundreds of millions of people, teaching and learning from each other, all filled with possibilities. As we seek out the possibilities we add to the stores of knowledge gained from experience and research. Instructors hold a special place in that cosmos. They are the guiding stars that help fuel the imagination to create, to build, to communicate, to partner. Whether it is language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, or a host of other subject areas, instruction today is not simply about book learning.

It is about experiencing.

It is about reflecting.

It is about doing.

It is about learning to be Stellar in ways that build creative and critical thinkers of the future. These are lifelong learners, capable of building galaxies filled with diverse worlds that blend people, processes, and technology.

This year’s VWBPE conference offers you a strong program. Recently we have seen physical world conferences cancelled worldwide, schools have gone online and many people are working from home. Physical distancing necessitates virtual meetings. For us, we know the value and possibilities of education in virtual worlds. If you are attending this year’s conference for the first time, we welcome you and we will encourage you to explore the possibilities for your teaching, learning and research.

Amid all that is happening in the physical world, the Virtual World Best Practices in Education Conference remains a safe haven for educators and interested others. We have always been virtual, and the conference provides many opportunities for us to socialize and network with each other.

We can be physically distanced at home, and virtually STELLAR together. How cool is that?


You are sure to find many topics of interest to you in this year’s program, interspersed with opportunities to network and socialise in fun and engaging settings. You can add the program to your own online calendar with the link at the bottom of the page.

Keynote Speakers

We welcome Rob Furman, Michael Thomas, and Lorelle VanFossen as our Keynotes, guiding us as we take the future of teaching and learning to the stars.

Creatures of Myth Game

Creatures of Myth, part one of the Pyxis Trilogy, is an adventure game hunt hosted at this year’s VWBPE conference.

Watch Live

For those unable to log in for sessions, a number of them will be streamed live for you to enjoy during the event, and they will be archived for future reference.

Meet the Sponsors

This Educators Networking Forum is your opportunity to meet the nine sponsors of this year’s VWBPE conference. Learn about their contributions to education and why they feel supporting open source virtual conferences, like this one, is so important. Participants will be given the opportunity to express their opinions and ask questions on how for-profit and non-profit businesses can better help support teachers and instructional developers.

Quadrivium Discussions

These open discussions provide an opportunity to talk through current issues in virtual worlds education with like-minded practitioners. This year we’ll discuss the digital divide of immersive technology (AR, VR, XR), Stellar language learning practices, and ethical considerations of using virtual environments.

Above the Book

VWBPE welcomes Mal Burns as he takes the lead for the 2020 Above the Book conversations. Mal will be talking one-to-one with Patch Linden, sharing “What’s New at Linden Lab.” In “Catching Up with the Thinkerers” Mal visits with Gentle Heron, the second recipient of the Thinkerer Award.


Be sure to visit the twenty-one truly STELLAR exhibits that await you with information, interactions and gifts to inspire every visitor.


Registration is not required. It is free and open to all interested, and you will receive a reminder about the event. It also helps us promote the conference.

How to Attend

If this is your first time coming to a VWBPE conference or even to Second Life, this information should prove useful. There will be helpers available to assist you as well, once you enter through the Rockcliffe Gateway.