March 14-16, 2024
Rock and Bone Mysteries

The Rock and Bone Mysteries:

Part 2: The Singing Bones

Something unexpected is coming out of the ground: bones.

In part 2 of the Rock and Bone Mysteries, you take on the role of forensic anthropologist, examining the ancient bones that have been making their presence known throughout the biomes of the VWBPE International Park System.

The VWBPE International Park has always been under the shadow of a mystery that is both disturbing and unbelievable. The beauty of this protected land has turned this mystery into myth and legend. Without evidence of its existence, it is nothing more than stories that park rangers tell the visitors, of a graveyard for gods.

If you completed part 1, you are ready to start part 2 of the Rock and Bone Mysteries. Find the graveyard of bones to begin your adventure.