March 14-16, 2024
Rock and Bone Mysteries

The Rock and Bone Mysteries:

An Adventure Game in Three Parts

You’ve never been anywhere quite like this International Park System. It is unparalleled, varied, and home to a plethora of flora and fauna that changes as you go through each region in the park.

The VWBPE International Park System is a natural treasure in peril. It is an unusual and very well preserved natural area protected by an international treaty signed by several nations. They are a rare and complex biomes that have existed beyond the recording of time.

They are also strange lands with strange secrets, some of them deadly, and some of them life-affirming. What is undeniable is their rare beauty. An adventurer like you can find great rewards in exploring these vast lands. You can also find great danger, but no big reward comes easy.

This place is protected. It cannot be destroyed by human hands, even if some have tried. Yet, nature has its own power. And time reveals just how strong that power is.

During year 1, 2023, you will begin with Part 1: The Ravages of Deep Time.
During year 2, 2024, you will continue with Part 2: The Singing Bones.
During year 3, 2025, you will conclude the adventure game with Part 3: The Cipher of the Ancients.

All of them start at the Grasslands Gateway Protected Dig Site, and they must be played in order.

Caution: This is not a simple hunt but a perilous one. You must survive the game by keeping your health up. Your health can be drained by various natural dangers in the park, and if it reaches zero, you cannot continue. There is hope, though. You may find various health items around the park that will help you recover your health, and continue the game.