VWBPE will be streaming live from YouTube during the conference. All times are Pacific Daylight (UTC-8/Los Angeles USA).
Raw video footage will be available for 2 weeks after the conference and then replaced with post-production footage.

Video and Streaming provided courtesy of the University of New Mexico, MetaWorld Broadcasting, and our Sponsors.


Thursday April 4
9:30 am Opening and Welcome Address Replay
9:30 am Keynote: Paraethnographic film as mode of education: Lessons from disability in virtual worlds Replay
10:30 am Feather in your cap: Achievement and recognition Replay
10:30 am Virtual world training for mental health providers Replay
2:00 pm Above the Book: What’s new at the Lab? Replay
3:00 pm What’s the reality of virtual conferences? Replay
3:00 pm The need to determine a Trusted Friend Replay
Friday April 5
9:00 am Keynote: Teacher training within Virtual Worlds Replay
10:00 am Creating a future full of opportunity within our global village Replay
11:00 am Perspectives on virtual professional learning communities Replay
11:00 am Virtual hunts for virtual detectives Replay
12:00 pm GUINEVERE: Learn a language through games in virtual worlds Replay
3:00 pm Culture and education for peace in times of 3-Dimensional Immersive Digital Environments (3D-IDEs) Replay
4:00 pm Re-visioning interprofessional education in virtual worlds Replay
4:00 pm Learner-Generated Augmentation: Curriculum design with AR Replay
Saturday April 6
9:00 am The significance of virtual archaeology LINK
9:00 am Eureka World: An educational virtual world ecosystem Replay
10:00 am Dickens Project exemplifies virtual collaboration Replay
11:00 am Keynote: Crossing the Horizon together: Scanning, transforming, and sharing “What Works” in Immersive XR Replay
12:00 pm VR and virtual worlds: One and the same? LINK
12:00 pm Blue Mars on Virtual Harmony for agile mindsets LINK
2:00 pm Above the Book with Thinkerer Melville (Selby) Replay
3:00 pm Lizard of ARS: Secondary students design parody masks and installation on the OpenSim LINK
4:00 pm Gamification of education: The roles of collaboration and virtual identity LINK
6:00 pm Closing Ceremony LINK