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Platinum Level

303 - Infinite Metaverse Alliance
315 Virtual Outworlding

Gold Level

123 Rockcliffe University Consortium
411 3DWebWorldz

Silver Level

115 AgileDimensions
211 University of New Mexico

Bronze Level

223 Virtual Ability, Inc.
323 Kelley School of Business
403 Whole Brain Health


105 Identifying Challenges and Accommodations that Help the Individual with TBI Encounter New Experiences

Mary Nuyasaka

107 Take Flight - Starstuff, Superpowers, and Soaring

Peninsula College

109 DragOn Science Interactive Technology

Bible Prophecy Island – SL

113 Interstellar: A Salute to the Stars

Colorado Technical University

117 Second Life Goes Oculus VR


121 San Jose State University's iSchool VCARA Island

San Jose State University, iSchool

301 AECT Graduate Student Assembly

Old Dominion University

307 VSTE VE PLN's Stellar Presence in SL and Minecraf

Virginia Society for Technology in Education Virtual Environments PLN

313 Techland, a virtual world for math and science

University of Camerino Italy

319 DARWIN, THE GEOLOGIST: roleplay on life of Darwin

University Of Camerino Italy

325 The RezMela system: a rapid scene creation application for 3D virtual learning spaces


207 Virtual Pioneers- Exploring History and Culture in Second Life

Virtual Pioneers

209 Community Virtual Space Station

Community Virtual Library (and San Jose State University)

213 Campbell Hero Walk

Quippe Wylder

219 Altered Carbon: Simulations, Stacks, and Sleeves

University of Colorado – Denver

409 Teaching Art To Younger Kids Through 3D World

Living Ideas

413 JoinMeJoinUs: 5 Word Call To Connect

NonProfit Commons in Second Life

417 Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable (VWER)

Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable

419 Khemennu University

Khemennu University

421 An Educator's Resource for Avatar Appearance

Ghostraven Professional Attire

423 Avacon


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