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All sessions of the VWBPE 2021 Conference are held in Second Life®. All times are in SLT (Pacific Time).
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Note: Daylight Saving Time

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IE. Degas Dances: An evening with Ballet Pixelle – POSTPONED to 11 APRIL @ Degas Dances Ballet Pixelle
Apr 11 @ 05:00 PM – 06:30 PM
IE. Degas Dances: An evening with Ballet Pixelle - POSTPONED to 11 APRIL @ Degas Dances Ballet Pixelle

Host: Inarra Saarinen, Director and Ballet Pixelle

POSTPONED to 11 APRIL.  Ballet Pixelle will present the original ballet “Degas Dances” following a brief discussion of representing art and dance in virtual worlds.  Ballet Pixelle’s goal is to explore physical and virtual dance and movement and blended realities. “Degas Dances” uses physical and virtual dance and art, to explore art history and dance and technology in a new, innovative, engaging way.

Ballet Pixelle™ is a professional company, founded in 2006, that performs in virtual and global reality. The dancers do not use any synchroinizing devices and truly dance with each other and the music. “Degas Dances” was inspired by the art of Edward Degas who painted the life behind the scenes of the Paris Opera Ballet. Here, we use mixed media and original animations to make the paintings come to life and dance! Original music by Grammy-award winning Kurt Bestor.


  • Move dance into the next renaissance and inspire creativity and innovation.
  • Provide innovative dance to a larger audience – those challenged by geography, handicaps, finances.

Accessibility: Provide a written script during the presentation

Location: Second Life – Ballet Pixelle Grand Theatre   http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Quat/43/47/142

Special Directions – TBA