VWBPE 2022:

Creatures of Myth: Part I

Creatures of Myth: Discovery and Adventure

Do you hear the clamor of the stars?

Creatures of Myth, part one to the Pyxis Trilogy, is an adventure game hunt, hosted at this year’s VWBPE conference.

The story starts at the Pyxis Gateway. To start the game, you need to follow the clues, starting with the Sentinals that watch everyone that lands at the gateway. Look for the flower that follows you with its gaze.

The game truly begins when you find a mysterious artifact at the Gateway of Pyxis. It appears to be a compass of an unusual design, as if it is specifically used to find already mapped coordinates. You are intrigued by the words engraved on its cover: The Collection.

When you find it, you notice the two unusual plants that turn their immense eye at you. They are the Sentinals, a rare interstellar species of flora with keen senses and fierce loyalty to whomever they serve.

You approach with care, while they silently watch you. When you pick it up, you receive an urgent message: “If you have found this, it means the guardian is dead. At all costs, you must save the collection or your world will collapse.”

Do you dare to answer the call of adventure? If you are ready, you must wear the Compass HUD to find all the creatures of myth and save the collection. The compass will help you find the locations, but it is the Sentinals that will tell you what to do.