Locations and Exhibits

301 - Creatures for Social Good

Track: K-12 Best Practices
Arizona State University

Pre-service student teachers build their own Caring Critters, link the forms, name them, and explain their social purpose in pop-up notecard! Visitors get a copy of the Lesson and Build Instructions to use with their one students. Teachers need guidelines for building 3-D creatures, standards, objectives, examples, and a simple evaluation rubric. Designing the creatures for social good is another level of thinking in the form of a title. 

302 - ISTE Virtual Environments Network--Together at a Distance

Track: K-12 Best Practices
ISTE Virtual Environments Network

The International Society for Technology in Education’s Virtual Environments Network has been serving Learners and Teachers for a decade and a half. Founded by leading-edge educational thought leaders in the early days when the ISTE conference was called NECC, the National Educators Computing Conference, much of it was documented in “Oh, Virtual Learning,” http://scottsecondlife.blogspot.com/. Come learn more about VEN and sense of place at a distance for learning and teaching.

303 - Ghostraven Professional Attire - An Educator's Resource for Avatar Appearance

Track: Tools and Products
Ghostraven Professional Attire

This cozy shop includes free clothing for women and men, as well as notecards and posters describing how to tailor your avatar appearance to look like the professional you are. Ghostraven Professional Attire (GPA) focuses on modest system and prim clothing for the classic Second Life human avatar. We can help you match your avatar self with the image you wish to convey.

304 - The Secret Annex

Track: K-12 Best Practices
Western New York Regional Information Center

This exhibit is part of the Understanding the Holocaust Project that seeks to help students understand the Holocaust. This recreation of the Anne Frank House will give participants a view of the hiding place that was detailed in the Diary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank book. They will also learn about the education lessons and activities that are part of the Grade 6-12 Project.


305 - Virtual Pioneers Re-Visioning History

Track: K-12 Best Practices
Erie 1 Boces

The Virtual Pioneers have been a 10 year education group that uses virtual environments to learn about history and culture. We explore sims, have special events, and have guest speakers help us understand history and a new and immersive way. Our exhibit will show our past, our present, and our future goals for exploring history and culture.

306 - Venezuela's Humanitarian Crisis

Track: Advocacy
pioniadestiny blogspot

This exhibition will describe the Humanitarian Crisis happening in Venezuela now and its effect on education.

401 - San Jose State University's iSchool VCARA Island

Track: Higher Education/College Best Practices
San Jose State University, iSchool

We propose an exhibit where we highlight work done in the past as well as future events and projects. This exhibit will focus on our successful use of virtual worlds as a venue for helping students connect, collaborate, and learn with other students, professors, and educators across the world.

402 - Welcome Aboard Neo Steampunk Pirate Scholars

Track: Higher Education/College Best Practices
Peninsula College

Ahoy! Acceptance and exploring avatar customization is appreciated by our student scholars in collaborative virtual environments. Defining learning objectives with a suitable style and theme for projects doesn’t limit creativity, it refines it. Use the Digital Storytelling Checklist and Authentic Avatar Assets to launch imagination, steer the agency helm, and set sail for increased educational confidence. Empower incentive spinning mental gears by developing the tale behind their coat tails.

403 - Power by 3: Empowering Educators in Tough Times

Track: Support and Help Communities

Powerby3.com is a new website and blog which seeks to empower teachers who have been disenfranchised in their role as professionals. This exhibit will illustrate the three key powers all educators can reclaim: professional agency, adventurous failure, and digital engagement. This exhibit will also include interactive elements that allow educators to determine if they have lost any of their three powers, and how they may be reclaimed.

404 - Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary

Track: Higher Education/College Best Practices
Affiliation: Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary

All clergy, regardless of faith, are vital to the well being of communities around the globe. Our goal at WSTS is to offer training in the skills needed to professionally minister to the under-represented members of society. We do this by using a combination of technologies, including SL, Moodle, and Microsoft for Business. Our exhibit will feature information about WSTS, our courses and program features. We also plan to have student ambassadors on-hand to help answer any questions.

405 - Rockcliffe University Library

Track: Support and Help Communities
Affiliation: Rockcliffe University Consortium

Rockcliffe University Consortium offers one of the largest library collections devoted to the study of digital spaces including over 10,000 references to peer reviewed journals. The library includes two separate virtual library buildings in Second Life, Avacon (OpenSimulator), and a Wiki for researchers and instructors trying to find information on digital literacy, digital spaces, STEAM, and other subjects that are connected with different types of virtual environments and gamification.

406 - TBD



501 - Avacon Inc - Helping build and support the Metaverse

Track: Advocacy
Affiliate: AvaCon Inc

AvaCon will jump from our prior VWBPE exhibits, re-envisioning our work with communities throughout the Metaverse, exploring new immersive technologies and platforms, and sharing resources and info to those exploring the VWBPE exhibits.

502 - METAGAME: Immerse Yourself in the Future

Track: Games and Simulations
Affiliate: ISTE Games & Sims Network

The exhibits highlights book club activities that focus on science fiction that includes AI, virtual reality, and mixed reality. It will feature the Metagame Book Club which invites educators to be inspired and re-vision education through the reading of science fiction, LitRPG and of course playing video games. After accepting a challenge from one of our colleagues Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed is now included in our readings and discussions of how education can be re-visioned.

504 - Virtual Pioneers- Re-visioning the past of History and Culture

Track: Advocacy
Affiliate: Virtual Pioneers

The Virtual Pioneers have been exploring history and culture sims in virtual worlds for over a decade. Check out our group and find out about our latest adventures. We meet every other week for tours and presentations, and have special events as well. Free and open to anyone interested in learning about the past and present cultures.

505 - VirtualExpo

Track: Tools and Products
Affiliate: dotEnterprise

Showcasing VirtualExpo, a simple and effective, way to set up virtual events, conferences, and trade shows without technical knowledge.

506 - ViWole Virtual Worlds Of Learning

Track: Tools and Products
Affiliate: ViWole

An upcoming K12 focused virtual world with full cross-platform capabilities, from mobile phone to PC to VR

507 - Minecraft Learning is Fun

Track: Games and Simulations
Affiliate: ECM

This exhibit will host examples of young people, ages 6-16, collaborating and learning in a non-school based environment.

508 - Virtual Worlds Database: Growing and Evolving

Track: Tools and Products
Affiliate: Community Virtual Library, New Media Arts

This exhibit features the Community Virtual Library’s Virtual Worlds Database: a free, crowdsourced, online tool that connects educational virtual world users and communities. The exhibit outlines why CVL created the database, how it has evolved, its current progress, how to use the database, and future plans for expansion.

509 - Bringing art from isolated regions to a world without limits

Track: Artists, Designers and Builders
Affiliate: MarcellinaMaria Living Ideas – Media

I’ll present in 3D and 2D artworks about our success of bringing arts to the world from remote area which full of limitations in transportation to other areas. Because our area surrounded by water and boats are the only vehicle which can take us to other areas in long-distance traveling. This success brings artists to self-confidence, they got recognition from people around the world. This will make a great impact on their work.

510 - Back to the Future for Learning in Virtual Worlds

Track: Higher Education/College Best Practices
Affiliate: Colorado Technical University

Our 3D poster highlights learning experiences, insights from 52 university classes and student projects from 2005-2019. It shares our current research and future dreams for education in virtual worlds. The exhibit features free items for visitors to enjoy in their classes and virtual world builds.

Locations and Sponsors

101 – Virtual Outworlding – Platinum Sponsor

102 – Rockcliffe University Consortium – Gold Sponsor

106 – GReat Kreations – Silver Sponsor

201 – University of New Mexico – Silver Sponsor

202 – Virtual Ability, Inc. – Silver Sponsor

103 – Agile Dimensions – Bronze Sponsor

105 – Kelly School of Business – Bronze Sponsor

104 – vLanguages – Bronze Sponsor