March 14-16, 2024
Rock and Bone Mysteries

The Rock and Bone Mysteries:

Part 1: The Ravages of Deep Time

The Ravages of Deep Time will lead you through the natural wonders of the biome. Time has stamped a story into the very rock. And it’s counting down.

Deep time. As a geologist, you are familiar with this concept, uncovering evidence of the past in large absolutes that span eras. Your reputation has preceded you, and you have been invited to investigate an unusual formation that was uncovered by a wind storm and which is cracking the very earth on which it lies. It is a destructive threat that cannot be ignored.

You cannot resist the seductive call of this puzzle, and so now you are here, ready to start. Your first step is to equip yourself for the task.

You can find your instructions in the Grasslands Gateway Protected Dig Site.