VWBPE 2021 seeks to examine the new territory that has been discovered in 2020, exploring what at times can seem both familiar and hostile. Virtual learning environments have never been more important as classes at all levels have moved between fully on-site to fully online to hybrid models and some that ‘toggle’ back and forth in response to COVID-19 outbreaks.

VWBPE 2021 asks educators to consider what has changed over the past year as they have ventured out on discovery missions through unexplored territory.

Where has your Reconnaissance taken you?

Proposals are welcomed from all subject areas and virtual environments that support teaching and learning. Whether you work with elementary, secondary or post secondary levels, or support community based programs, we want to hear from you!

We once again welcome the collaborative partnership of our friends at vLanguages at VWBPE 2021. Please be sure to indicate in your proposal if vLanguages is your community.

There are five conference presentation formats for VWBPE 2021:

  • Spotlight Presentations
  • Hands on Technology Workshops
  • Compass Points Roundtable Discussions
  • Micro Burst presentation Clusters (no more than 15 minutes)
  • Pandemic Perceptions videos

New Format: Pandemic Perceptions

The Pandemic Perceptions format is new this year. Share what you have learned about yourself, your students, or your practice during these COVID times with a short video or machinima to be shown during the conference and shared on the website.

Details of the presentation formats and tracks are found in the Call for Proposals.

Sponsors: Consider a Micro Burst Presentation

VWBPE 2021 Sponsors are encouraged to submit a Micro Burst presentation for a Sponsors Cluster during the conference. Refer to the Sponsorship information for more details.

Presentations and Proceedings

We welcome the submission of papers and videos by Spotlight presenters for inclusion in the conference proceedings published by the Journal of Virtual Studies (JoVS). Video submissions are an option for the Praxis category. Please pay particular attention to the Presentation Submission Guidelines and Proceedings Submission Guidelines when preparing your proposal.

The deadline for Presentation proposals is 13 January 2021.

Exhibits and Immersive Experiences

Proposals for Exhibits and Immersive Experiences are open now as well. Accepted Immersive Experience submissions will be scheduled in the 2 weeks before and after the conference dates. Be sure to review the Exhibitor Guidelines and Immersive Experiences Guidelines as you prepare to submit your proposal.

The deadline for Exhibits and Immersive Experiences proposals is 10 February 2021.

Come share your research and insights into this new landscape in which we find ourselves. Together our RECONNAISSANCE explorations will map our way to the future, safely and creatively.

Answer the Call for Proposals

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  • 13 January 2021 – Deadline for Presentation Proposals
  • 10 February 2021 – Deadline for Exhibits and Immersive Experiences Proposals
  • 18-20 March 2021 – VWBPE Conference

VWBPE 2021

March 18-20, 2021

* Play * Explore * Engage * Immerse * Learn *