Would You Like to Join Our Volunteer Team?

Howdy Friends & Folks of the Extended Metaverse,

It’s me, your grid-jumping, high-rising Volunteer Committee Chair, Bluebarker – Blue for short to my friends, which I hope we become before, during, and after the VWBPE Conference. The Conference is taking a lot of time and effort by all the various Committee members and I know when I say this, it is all too true, that without volunteers like you, we couldn’t make it happen. But as the saying goes, “Our Volunteers are Second to None!”

Could you reach out and spread the word that the Call for Volunteers is still out? We could use a few more hands on deck. Especially, our Executive Chair Kevin Feenan (Phelan Corrimal in SL) would like to extend a greater opportunity to those willing to learn how to livestream sessions and speakers. Come join our Stream Team, and we will teach you how to record and stream sessions and speakers so they can be shared for future viewing. This also enables us to broaden our reach to those who are not able to participate first-hand in the virtual world.

The Volunteer Committee is off to a great start! If you would be so kind, please reach out to someone on your friendlist and let them know about all of the awesome stuff we are doing. Come join our high-flying Phoenix Volunteers, it’s easy! Go to Volunteer Role Details – Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education and fill out the short application. One of our team will contact you with information about training, schedule signups and volunteer activities that you will be invited to attend.

I hope our time together will bear long lasting fruit as we work on making this the best VWBPE to date. Take a look at some more important dates and links below, and until next time may you all have a great rest of your day!

~Sincerely, Bluebarker Lowtide

Bluebarker Lowtide

Bluebarker Lowtide
Volunteer Chair

Important Dates

March 31 to April 2, 2022

Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education
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