March 14-16, 2024

Amidst All the Learning, We Will Chill and Play!

Mar 11, 2024 | VWBPE News

The VWBPE Conference brings many opportunities for attendees and conference organizers to meet, talk, collaborate and explore virtual worlds like Second Life. There will also be fun, interactive social breaks throughout the event for a good balance of work and play.

The Social Committee of VWBPE has organized the following portions of the conference program, and this year we are ready to engage you!

VWBPE 2024 Social Committee

(Left to right) Thunder Insippo, Zzri Avian, Beth Ghostraven, Helena Kiama, Shandra Lavendel, Jazmemo, Dodge Threebeards, Coz Okelly, Serena Offcourse, Max Chatnoir

THURSDAY March 14, 2024

Are you an early bird? Join us at 7:00 am SLT to start things off at the Gateway with classical music, snacks, and this year’s swag bag. Enjoy your favorite beverage while chatting with other attendees before the conference announcements at 8:00.

In the afternoon, we’ll have a short parade walk to the VWBPE Social Wetlands Visitor Center, followed by a relaxing dance party with tunes by DJ Coz. A chance to recharge after a busy morning of meetings!

Something special we know you’ll love this year: dancing on the visitor center deck to the folk/jazz tunes of Effinjay on Thursday night. They have over 15 years’ experience performing together in Second Life. Take a break and bask in the evening glow at the Wetlands.

FRIDAY March 15, 2024

Early risers, you can join us at 7am to plan your day and chat with friends over a favorite breakfast beverage.

Try some folk dancing and enjoy a long walk on the beach, complete with folk tales of the North Atlantic Coast.

Friday night, just for fun, bring those building thinking caps with you – we have a mythical fictional building event waiting for you!

SATURDAY March 16, 2024

For you intrepid early birds, meet up for another 7am coffee chat to plan this day and start it off right!

We will pause for a Celebration of Life at 10am to remember our friends and those we have known and loved, and their contributions to this community over the years. All are welcome to attend.

After lunch, why not work off that good meal with a walk? Round up some friends to take a self-guided tour through the Exhibits. Pack provisions and pick up some sturdy hiking shoes at the Social Wetlands Visitor Center. There are fifteen wonderful builds with so much information being shared by our partners and collaborators in the field of education in virtual worlds. Check the Conference program for time and starting location – and enjoy meeting the exhibitors!

Do not miss Muse Dance Company’s performance of The Sky We Share. For more than 10 years Muse Dance Company has created poetry in motion that focuses on beauty, lucidity and emotion in Second Life. Come be immersed in the dance.

All these activities and more await you, along with a stellar lineup of keynote speakers, workshops and lectures. Add VWBPE to your calendar now! We can’t wait to see you! Visit the program for details: https://www.vwbpe.org/conference/program.

Exhibits at VWBPE 2024

The VWBPE Conference “Exhibit Hall” provides an environment that is radically different from any brick-and-mortar conference you’ve attended. The exhibitors can showcase their creative virtual world work, promote their organization or share their achievements in any of six different biome environments.

Don’t miss the Exhibit Tour on the 16th of March, at 1:00pm SLT – but you can actually do it at any time. Just round up some friends and go together!

View the VWBPE 2024 Exhibit Map for a preview of the exhibitors and sponsors featured throughout the biomes.

Tropical Forest
Temperate Forest

Join us at the 17th Annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference!


11 March 2024: Regions Open to the Public

14 March 2024: VWBPE 2024 Conference Opens

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