Warm Up at VWBPE‘s Tropical Luau!

VWBPE Second Networking and Fundraising Social

Come to one…the other…or both!

12:00 PM SLT – 1:00 PM SLT
5:00 PM SLT – 6:00 PM SLT

The VWBPE Social Committee invites you to our second networking and fundraising party. Come join us on the beach for a Tropical Luau!

We’ve got watermelon, surfboards, floaties and great music. Huge thank you to DJ Coz for giving us awesome tropical tunes twice in one day. Make sure to stop by and get a Lei and a Hawaiian T-shirt at the BBQ*. Need a break from all that dancing? Take a moment to float in the water and enjoy those warm summer breezes.

The fun-loving VWBPE Social Committee helps organize fundraisers, conference entertainment, activities, and games for everyone. The committee includes Beth Ghostraven, Coz Okelly, Dodge Threebeards, Helena Kiama, Jazmeno Zimminy, killlashandra lavendel, Max Chatnoir, and Serena Offcourse. If you’re interested in building, decorating, shopping, and planning, reach out to one of us to find out more.

See you at the Luau!

*BBQ refers to a piece of equipment that is basically fire in a box. Cook food over it until almost blackened. Yum! More details:

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