Legacy is about pushing boundaries, and this year, VWBPE has taken the concept of “conference” beyond the boundaries of time and made it possible to learn, explore information – and even interact with it! This year, we have two special events that are not really on the calendar, but which will be ongoing throughout the conference.

Legacy Exhibit

The Legacy Exhibit is a living monument to time: a celebration both poignant and uplifting. It is history marked in a virtual and augmented reality timeline that brings back memories of each of the past ten conferences through iconic artifacts, images, and even retro swag! Walk through the chronological garden and take a trip down memory lane. This is not your typical Exhibit, however. You can also contribute to it, find hidden augmented reality messages – you will need the Aurasma app!- or test your knowledge of past conferences in a mini HUD-driven quest.

The Aurasma app is available for Android and Apple mobile devices. With your mobile phone or tablet, use one of the buttons below to download and install the app.

The Keys to Legacy Quest

There are mysteries in the depth of the ocean, and our new regions hide a cave system that will test your mettle. You will have a chance to engage in a scavenger hunt game unlike any other. Not only will you need to find objects within the caves and brave all manner of perils, but also answer questions correctly to get the next clue. This will require knowledge of the conference’s academic program.

These are exciting events that will be available only to those who attend during the four days of the conference. While our regions are now public to all, the questing elements have not yet been activated. You can visit the locations now, however. Look for the spot marked “Legacy” on the teleport boards or the “Underwater Park” for the entry point into the cave systems.

Visit and engage at your leisure at any point during the four days of the conference. You can start at any time once the conference opens. Those hearty souls that complete the quests will receive prizes. This questing activity is sponsored through the generosity of Rockcliffe University Consortium. If you like this, expect more from Rockcliffe in the coming months, as it, too, celebrates its ten year anniversary.

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Don’t Miss Out on Immersive Experiences!

If you’ve joined in on any of the immersive experiences that have taken place already, you know how fun and informational they are! We’re not done with them yet! There are two more before the conference, then four after the conference closes. Check the VWBPE calendar and plan to attend.

Thinking About Volunteering? It’s Not Too Late.

We love our volunteers! We’re still looking for Hosts to welcome visitors to the conference and assist in other ways; training will be needed but several sessions are available up until conference opens. We are also seeking Technical Support and Stream Team volunteers.

Training is required and available training sessions are limited for these roles:

  • Technical Support: Saturday 25 March 2017, 4:00pm SLT
  • Stream Team: Monday 27 March, 1:00pm SLT and Tuesday 28 March, 1:00pm SLT

If you are interested, sign up right away, here!

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