VWBPE 2020 Stellar: Call for Proposals Opens

Nov 13, 2019 | VWBPE News

How do you reach for the stars?

Last year, VWBPE reflected on how we build on the past to inspire, innovate, and create. This year, we take the next leap, to go where no avatar has ever gone, as we explore the possibilities of what might be.

VWBPE 2020 considers both aspects of the Stellar theme: to be of the stars AND outstanding (Merriam-Webster). Show us how you move beyond the mundane in reaching for excellence in your practice. Bring us a piece of the cosmos of possibilities, innovation, and thought that you create, whether it is in in areas of instruction, programming, graphic arts, storytelling, design, or research. All subject areas and virtual worlds that support learning and development are welcome.

VWBPE once again welcomes the collaborative partnership of vLanguages. Please be sure to indicate in your proposal if vLanguages is your community.

The Call for Proposals for VWBPE 2020 Stellar is Now Open

* Presentations, Exhibits and Immersive Experiences *

There will be four conference presentation formats this year. In addition to the Spotlight Presentations, Hands on Technology Workshops, and Compass Points Roundtable Discussions, we are adding Micro Burst Clusters for presentations no longer than 15 minutes. Details of the presentation formats and tracks are found in the Call for Proposals.

We welcome the submission of presentation papers for inclusion in the conference proceedings published by the Journal of Virtual Studies (JoVS). Please pay particular attention to the Presentation Paper Submission Guidelines when preparing your proposal.

Accepted Immersive Experience submissions will be scheduled in the 2 weeks before and after the conference dates.

Now is the time. Share your Stellar vision of the future of creative and immersive learning within and beyond the ecosystem of Virtual Best Practices in Education.

Encourage your colleagues to submit a proposal as you do the same. VWBPE wants to hear from you!


Presentations: 13 January 2020
Immersive Experiences: 10 February 2020
Exhibits: 16 February 2020

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Thursday, 16 January 2020
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