Rising from VRevolution, our Legacy of learning seeks to re:Vision the future of creation within the ecosystem of digital spaces that comprises VWBPE.

The call for proposals for VWBPE 2019 is now open.

VWBPE 2019 reVision logoRe:Vision plays a role in how multifaceted communities are contributing to and expanding best practices in virtual spaces to support play, creation, and learning. VWBPE invites you, the innovator in these endeavours, to share your re:Vision at the conference. When you submit your proposal, consider how your community contributes to the knowledge base of innovation and change through the increasingly complex landscape of digital technology.

In keeping with this vision, VWBPE welcomes the collaborative partnership of vLanguages.

Following the success of 2018, we continue the three conference presentation formats this year: Spotlight Presentations, Hands on Technology Workshops, and Compass Points Roundtable Discussions. Details of the formats and tracks are found in the Call for Proposals.

The deadline for Presentation proposals is 14 January 2019.

Proposals for Exhibits and Immersive Experiences are open now as well. The deadline for these is 11 February 2019.

How do you re:Vision the old to make way for the new in these brave new digital spaces of play, learning, and creation? What are your colleagues and collaborators working on? Encourage them to submit a proposal as you do the same. VWBPE wants to hear from you!

VWBPE 2019 re:Vision