We are pleased to announce the arrival of the VWBPE 2019 Conference Schedule. The delivery team has laboured long and hard to get this ready for you to start planning your personal schedule for each day. Instructions are included so you can choose the program view that works for you, and subscribe or add events to your own calendar. Locations are included in the listings.

It will be difficult to choose among the engaging lectures, round table discussions, and workshops, as well as features for extending the discussions. Our interesting Keynotes and Above the Book guests will provide much to ponder as we re:Vision teaching and learning.

It is not all academic engagement however. Play is an important part of leaning. The social program has something for everyone – parades, parties, and special events. Take time for networking with your colleagues and explore the incredible exhibits. Don’t forget to stop by the photo booth and check out images of the conference. The Underwater Game continues to evolve when you are ready for a challenge.

The Immersive Experiences start 2 weeks before the conference and continue until 19 April. Most are no more than an hour and give you a chance to see what others are doing in virtual learning environment. Interesting activities are planned, including the opportunity to participate in research. Our colleagues are ready to welcome you.

Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to VWBPE 2019 re:Vision!

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VWBPE 2019

April 4-6, 2019

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