The Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference Proceedings

VWBPE Official LogoOn March 9-12, 2016, Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education convened its ninth annual conference. We explored the horizons and distant shores of possibility as the worlds of virtual reality, technology, mobile, and cloud computing start to blend into a rich tapestry of creative scholarship and professional development. Innovative approaches to curriculum design lead to new methods of pedagogy that will forever change the way we look at educational models in the future. Many of this year’s VWBPE conference sessions were also recorded and can be viewed here.

Once a year, the Journal of Virtual Studies publishes a special edition of the VWBPE conference proceedings. You will see peer-reviewed papers, along with those from the Quadrivium sessions, featured speakers at the conference, and also summaries of the topics presented during the general sessions. All papers were peer reviewed with the same level of care as journal papers, assisted in the process by a special editorial staff.

The Horizons conference theme is woven throughout this edition. It includes a special feature paper by Dr. Karl Kapp about using virtual worlds for instruction. Our peer reviewed papers likewise show such a diversity of enterprise for education across different communities: advocacy, K-12, and higher education. The amazing presentations from the conference are elaborated upon here. We also have a special set of perspective papers summarizing the thoughts of multiple individuals who attended the networked Quadrivium discussions during the conference. Our authors have thoughtfully compiled information on technology, games and fun, cloud technologies, and identity.

We encourage you to read this special edition of JoVS, with just over 100 pages, and we put the challenge forth to you, our future authors: what do you envision on the horizon?

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JoVS Call for Papers on the Theme of Cyclicality

Call for Papers Closes June 2016, Expected Publication Summer 2016

OuroborosOur world is changing. The way we lead demonstrates our ability to look back, move forward, and be guided by the constant need to reinvent ourselves and our profession. How does our research demonstrate this type of cyclicality and self-discovery? In what way has this theme guided our practice and made it better?

The Journal of Virtual Studies calls for papers that demonstrate the cyclicality of working in virtual spaces. Send us your research, practical application, perspectives, cultural narratives, and reviews of work that demonstrate some aspect of cyclicality in any type of virtual space: reflection and identity, process, trends, best practice, renewal, reinvention. More detailed information is available in the current issue of JoVS.