One of the amazing things about virtual environments is how easy it is to travel to interesting locations. Who else wishes they could teleport in the physical world? It is so easy to take a tour and play anywhere in virtual environments…

The 2019 VWBPE Immersive Experiences showcase unique and interesting work being conducted across the metaverse. We invite you to join us as we explore SIXTEEN interactive and engaging locations across FIVE virtual environments. We start with an exploration of virtual art gallery design using VRchat, and end by visiting the Digital Citizenship Museum in Kitely.

Come play a game, solve a problem, and engage in hands-on learning with virtual world education leaders. No need to sign up, simply come and learn!

The Immersive Experiences are scheduled from March 24 to April 19 (exclusive of the conference dates). Attend some or all, as you are able. Many will be open for exploration after the presentation date. A list of the pre-conference experiences is below. Details and access instructions for the experiences are found in the VWBPE conference calendar.

Below are the pre-conference Immersive Experiences. Stay tuned for another post detailing the post-conference Immersive Experiences April 7 – 19! And don’t forget to attend the conference itself – opening on the 4th of April.

The Design of Virtual Reality Art Galleries (VRchat)

Explore the design history of online 3D art galleries with host Steve Guynup. VRchat account required. Vive or Oculus headsets are recommended.

VCARA: Participate. Educate. Innovate. (Second Life)

Learn what’s new at Virtual Center for Archives and Records Administration (VCARA) at the School of Information, San Jose State University with host Alyse Dunavant-Jones. There will be prizes!

The Adventures of Floridiana Jones (Second Life)

Participate in this game as Floridiana Jones and learn about diabetes management and health. Join our hosts Shannon Bohle and Marilyn G. Teolis. There is an opportunity to participate in research.

Storming the Bastille: A Look at the French Revolution (Second Life)

Our host Johannes1977 has done it again! This interactive walk through timeline of the French Revolution demonstrates how we can present important moments in history in virtual worlds.

The Queen’s Heroes in the Five Kingdoms (Second Life)

This underwater paradise needs heroes that will save the five kingdoms from a man-made destruction. Leticia De Leon invites us to play in either storytelling or game mode. Will you accept the challenge? A research component is included if you are interested.

You have been recruited to join The Agency! (Second Life)

Building upon the engaging Venice experience from 2018, Brant Knutzen welcomes you to solve a mystery under the sea and stop dark forces from diverting the river of time. Group collaboration is required to win. You can either sign up for the Moodle modules or simply tag along for the fun of it!