March 14-16, 2024


Volunteers of 2014 by Vasili Giannoutsos

Would you like to be an essential part of educational innovation?

Do you want to do something that is satisfying
and of service to the virtual world educational community?

VWBPE volunteers come from many different walks of life and professional backgrounds, all dedicated to promoting applications of virtual worlds in education. Those in academia will find that Service to the Community is a fundamental requirement of most college and university tenure bound educational professionals. VWBPE is an internationally recognized conference that provides opportunities to gain service experience and some scholarship as part of your involvement. Join our Volunteer Team for personal satisfaction, to support the Virtual World Educational community, and get valuable experience for yearly reviews, promotion, and advancement, if you are an educator. Use the volunteer signup form below.

For more detailed information about the responsibilities of each role, visit the Volunteer Role Details page.


Hosts are usually located at the Gateway landing area, but can also be at the Presentations, Exhibits, and Social Events to help participants.

Conference Photographers are skilled SL photographers who take photos of as many events and conference sessions as possible and post them to the VWBPE Flickr site.

Peer Reviewers help with the review of proposals. They recommend acceptance and propose changes to proposals to help keep all content in line with VWBPE goals and objectives.


Mentors help provide presenters and attendees with understanding the VWBPE conference layout, how to access the different areas of the conference, and help with technical concerns.


Stream Team members help with A/V Streaming in SL, along with recording and editing streaming of other workshops throughout the conference.


Quadrivium Assistants help by introducing the Quadrivium Facilitator, capturing the text chat for Facilitator, keeping track of time and helping with technical problems, as needed.

VWBPE Volunteer Signup

Note: Because Quadrivium papers are published in the VWBPE Conference proceedings, your RL first and last names are required if you are volunteering to be a Quadrivium Assistant.

You will be asked for your time zone relative to SLT, which is the same as US Pacific (San Francisco, California). Example: If in London, you would say SLT+8 in Standard Time.

Please enter your SL avatar last name if it is NOT "Resident"
Tell us your time zone relative to SLT. Example: US EST would be SLT+3.