March 14-16, 2024


The Quadrivium

The Quadrivium is an ancient and noble tradition in education. To the ancient Greeks, the word meant “the four ways” or a place where four roads meet. The Quadrivium combines space, time, harmony, and science to develop applied critical and creative approaches to modern issues that require innovative thinking, solutions, and practical mechanisms to our ever changing world.

VWBPE’s Quadrivium is more than a networking event. It provides an opportunity to share and contribute to the scholarly pursuit of knowledge through interaction with a community of peers. Together, the community can develop real solutions to real problems. It is the first step in understanding the complex nature of these issues, leading towards a principled path for institutions, instructional designers, facilitators, and students alike.

Meet us at our quadrivium, where we hope to entice you into discussions of technology on the horizon. This is not only an exchange of ideas, but an opportunity to network. Bring us your ideas, your best practices, your theories, and your own wish list. What are some best practices? Research? Potential pitfalls? These are open discussions, which will be facilitated and guided. Please join us and be part of these conversations.