Communities of Practice Guidelines

The Communities of Practice tracks are for those who support education or research, but who are not academics or directly connected to schools or educational organizations. These may include non-profit organizations, developers or designers, tool providers, and other individuals who offer training and support for educators, but who are not educators themselves.

Your submission should include 1 to 3 session objectives. Your description should explain the connection to the track you are selecting, how it is exemplified in the session, and how your community of practice supports educators and education in general. [500 character limit]

Power Promos *New*

Submitting a proposal for a power promo is only available in the Communities of Practice track, where scripters, builders, developers, or designers of content can promote a product through a quick demonstration of its attributes and benefits to the educational community. Power Promos are 20 minutes each. No tip jars or vendors allowed during the promo, but you can give participants contact information and links to your store/location.

Power promos must also submit 1 to 3 session objectives, as well as a description that also includes a connection to the track, how you will be demonstrating that in the session, and how it supports educators and education in general.