VWBPE 2017 Exhibits

Exhibit 1: Algebra and Calculus Thru Number Visualization

Track: Higher Education/College Best Practices
Organization Affiliation: Dream Realizations (Non-Profit)
Camera controlled self/group tours of revised 2015 session, OYEAS: Green Cube. The updated session includes recent work. Attendees will see how 3D representations of numbers leads to seeing algebraic equations and the foundation for the discovery of differences and the concept of derivatives.

Map of VWBPE 2017 Exhibits

Exhibit 2: San Jose State University's iSchool VCARA Island

Track: Higher Education/College Best Practices
Organization Affiliation: VCARA Island – San Jose State University, iSchool
We propose an exhibit where we highlight work done in the past as well as future events and projects. This exhibit will focus on our successful use of virtual worlds as a venue for helping students connect, collaborate, and learn with other students, professors, and educators across the world.

Exhibit 3: Ghostraven Professional Attire

Track: Tools and Products
Organization Affiliation:
Are you wishing you could find some decent clothing to wear to educational events in Second Life? Ghostraven Professional Attire is your shop for looking professional inworld. Our exhibit will show how to dress and modify a classic avatar’s shape in Second Life, with free professional clothing.

Exhibit 4: Insights from a Girls-Only Virtual World STEM Game

Track: Games and Simulations
Organization Affiliation: Stratford University
The presenter shares insights from a case study involving workshops, utilizing a 3D virtual world called Gamher World to teach Java programming to forty-nine 13- to 17-year-old girls. The exhibit includes recommendations for using virtual worlds to improve methods used to introduce STEM to girls.

Exhibit 5: Caledon Oxbridge - A Second Life Gateway

Track: Tools and Products
Organization Affiliation: Caledon Oxbridge
Caledon Oxbridge is a community-operated gateway to Second Life, Caledon, & SL’s Steamlands. One of the most highly-regarded help areas in SL, Oxbridge is built around a walk-through orientation tutorial for new residents, along with volunteer helpers, free classes, & an active live help group.

Exhibit 6: Virtual Education Journal (VEJ)

Track: K-12 Best Practices
Organization Affiliation: Virtual Education Journal
We will have a display and links to all of our past Virtual Education Journals which have included articles about VWBPE.

Exhibit 7: Virtual Pioneers- The Legacy Continues

Track: Advocacy
Organization Affiliation: Virtual Pioneers
Our group was founded in 2007 and we have been doing culture and history tours ever since. We would like to represent our legacy of tours by showcasing our events, learning, and possibilities for the future. http://virtualpioneers.weebly.com

Exhibit 8: Virtual Librarianship in Action

Track: Higher Education/College Best Practices
Organization Affiliation: Rockcliffe University Consortium
The exhibit will highlight some of the Rockcliffe Library collections, show images of its new virtual library located on the Avacon Grid and provide instructions for visiting both locations.

Exhibit 9: ISTE Virtual Environments Network

Track: Advocacy
Organization Affiliation: ISTE
This poster area exhibit will showcase the vast evolution of the Virtual Environment Network. This area will showcase our membership and our past and present work as pioneers in promoting and advancing the work of educators using virtual environments and simulations to guide learning.

Exhibit 10: A Retrospective of the Virtual Pioneers

Track: Advocacy
Organization Affiliation: WNYRIC
The Virtual Pioneers have been exploring virtual environments, almost 10 years! Our group charter is to have virtual tours, presentations, and special events dedicated to Historical or Cultural Sims. Our Exhibit will provide retrospective of what we have discovered and achieved.

Exhibit 11: The Superhero’s Journey - Transformative Endeavors

Track: Higher Education/College Best Practices
Organization Affiliation: Peninsula College
Unlock your potential using 24 Keys to Success and achieve transformation within the 12 Steps of The Hero’s Journey Project. From hero to superhero mentor, students build this ongoing virtual experience to inform and inspire new heroes to attend college through an inclusive, encouraging adventure.

Exhibit 12: Art Study Group

Track: advocacy
Organization Affiliation: Sense-Net Media
Art Study Group provides a forum for artists and others working in 3D avatar worlds to articulate aesthetic, technical and other practical issues related to artistic practice.

Exhibit 13: Exploration of the Human Pysche

Track: Games and Simulations
Organization Affiliation: Mystic Academy
Artists in the Mystic Academy community will create an exhibit to provide a compelling experience of art, 3d, sound & light on the depths of the human psyche. Themes explored will be from a Jungian and transpersonal perspective exploring shadow, the self, anima, animus and major archetypes.