Presentation Proposal Submission

VWBPE 2019

re:Vision Introduction

The ideal of re:Vision is to bring forth reflections on the past, to conceptualize a better future, and to move onward with change that is both promising and constructive. In an age when technology connects everyone through both facts and opinions, re:Vision is about renewing the promises of connectivity in more insightful ways. Through re:Vision, we can inspire innovative ideas for collaborative education in immersive environments.

We are revising the old to make way for brave new digital spaces of teaching and learning practice. What needs to be considered as we create a new vision? What needs reappraisal from what was, as we move to what might be? What should we keep and what needs to go? How do we decide?

Innovation isn’t just a word used by scientists and entrepreneurs. It has come to describe our ever-changing global society. Here is your chance to be part of the re:Vision of the future. How are you incorporating the multitude of immersive spaces and technologies into your practice?

Re:Vision plays a role in how multifaceted communities are contributing to and expanding best practices in virtual spaces to support play, creation, and learning. VWBPE invites you, the innovator in these endeavours, to share your re:Vision at the conference. When you submit your proposal, consider how your community contributes to the knowledge base of innovation and change through the increasingly complex landscape of digital technology.

Now is the time. Re:Vision the future of creation and immersive learning within and beyond the ecosystem of VWBPE.

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