Exhibitor Guidelines

Please note that all exhibits are virtual displays that require the use of Second Life tools and virtual objects to be rendered. You are responsible for providing your own objects and adhering to the guidelines as outlined below.

  • Exhibition booth areas are 24m x 24m
  • Maximum Height Allowance is 24m
  • Maximum prim allowance is 310 prims
  • All exhibition booth areas are rated Mature – No adult content permitted
  • Mesh objects are allowed so long as they fit within the object count
  • No Terraforming allowed
  • Please Avoid Physical objects where possible (Phantom is preferred)
  • Builds cannot overhang into other parcels
  • Please limit use of scripts
  • Please do not use old megaprims
  • No listening or scanning scripts
  • No selling
  • Tip jars are allowed; however, active solicitation for tips or donations are not
  • Audio should not be allowed to bleed over from the Exhibition booth area to the general areas of the sim

Additional Guidelines


Every year we get additional questions as to what is permissible and what isn’t. The following may be subject to updating throughout the conference as questions come up. These additional guidelines will be updated for subsequent years.

  • Skyboxes are okay so long as they conform to the following limitations
    • The entire exhibit cannot be in a skybox. There must be substantive content at ground level which highlights your organization and purpose (e.g. the ground level exhibit cannot be 2 poster signs and a teleport)
    • They fit within the prim limit of the parcel
    • They do not overhang the 24m x 24m footprint
    • They start at 1000m in the air or higher
  • Skyboxes do not have a height restriction so they can be as tall as needed.
  • Terrain can be terraformed so long as it does not interfere with the surrounding region – however terraforming on the region is blocked by default so arrangements will need to be made for a time to turn this on and back off again. Maximum window for terraforming is 4 hours.
  • VWBPE is a professional conference and we expect all exhibitors and builders to be mindful of  their conduct while on the property