Immersive Experiences Guidelines

The Immersive Experiences tracks showcase locations whose main objective is interaction, immersion, and engagement for those who enter them, whether to play a game, solve an immersive problem, or engage participants in hands-on, interactive learning.

Immersive Experience Tracks require a guide to provide basic instruction on the interface of the platform. Time should be spent mainly on having the learners play, immerse, or engage with the location.

These tracks are VWBPE committee reviewed and require already existing and ready for use locations or platforms. Because of the length of time required for these experiences, these will be hosted pre- and post-conference.

Virtual World Immersions

Your submission should include 1 to 3 objectives that your virtual world immersive experience accomplishes. Your submission should include a description of the immersive experience you plan to guide your participants through. Is it a game, a problem-based scenarios, or a hands-on, interactive learning setup? You should also ensure that there is a connection to the chosen track. [500 character limit]

Wanna Play?

Your submission should include 1 to 3 objectives that your gaming experience accomplishes, and which fits one of the conference tracks. Your submission should include a description of the type of game play involved, its genre, educational uses, and level of proficiency needed to play. [500 character limit]

Please note that additional requirements are needed for submission into these tracks to ensure that participants will have the information they need to set up accounts, find the location within the virtual environment or gaming world, download any needed applications or plugins, and ensure that their computers meet specific technical requirements.

No incomplete submissions will be accepted.