March 14-16, 2024

VWBPE 2024 Immersive Experiences Guidelines

Virtual Worlds

The Virtual Worlds format is only available for Immersive Experiences.
These may include any user-created virtual locations hosted in Second Life®, any OpenSimulator grid, or other three dimensional immersive environment (AR/ VR/ XR) that allows immersion into an experience.
This format should include locations that were created to immerse the participant in doing, not just “touring”. The place is the experience.

Length of these virtual world explorations may vary from 1-2 hours, to be scheduled both pre- and post-conference.

Wanna Play?

The Wanna Play? format is only available for Immersive Experiences.
Submissions in this area are for play platforms or massively multiplayer online roleplaying games, which may include online games and environments that may not have been originally intended to be used in education, but which are nonetheless being used in various ways.
Submitting to this platform indicates you want to lead a group of adventurers on a bit of play with purpose – an educational purpose.

Length of these formats may vary from 1-2 hours, to be scheduled both pre- and post-conference.

VWBPE 2023 Retrospective: Immersive Experiences

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The Pilgrimage: A tribute to Paulo Coelho - 06 March 2023
Let’s experience Mozilla Hubs: Designing for Language Learning in the Hub - 27 March 2023
Edutopia 1 Car Rally: 11 March 2023
Discover Your Strengths - 28 March 2023
Performing Arts in the Metaverse Backstage with the SLDC - 12 March 2023
EYES - Asmita Duranjaya - 02 April 2023
Too Hot! Too Dry! Too Wet! 17 March 2023
VRChat - Immersive VR 04 April 2023
The Magical Forest - A cautionary tale 18 March 2023
CVL Music Library presents Musician of the Month Concert - 15 April 2023

Video Engagement

Would you like to showcase your Immersive Experience through video (machinima)?
We welcome you to consider providing a short video that can be used to promote your Immersive Experience.

Please indicate your interest by checking the video engagement option on the submission form. Additional information will be provided upon acceptance.

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