VWBPE 2023: Uncommon Realities

March 23-25, 2023

VWBPE 2023 Exhibit Guidelines

We challenge exhibitors and sponsors to come up with their best biomes ideas as part of your exhibit space. Your exhibition parcel will be located in one of eight (8) different biomes. Let your imagination run wild with how you would showcase your organization, service, or project, when gravity is no longer the law.

There will be no skyboxes this year. Exhibit designs must conform to the biome type in which your exhibit is placed. Builds which do not blend into the environment will be asked to be redesigned or may be removed.

Each exhibitor will receive a build package that will contain objects to help your exhibit blend into its surroundings. You will also be given a special teleport HUD that will allow you to teleport to your exhibit space once assigned.

Please note that all exhibits are virtual displays that require the use of Second Life tools and virtual objects to be rendered. You are responsible for providing your own objects and adhering to the guidelines as outlined below.

  • Primary exhibition booth areas are 24m x 24m x 24m
  • Maximum prim allowance is 350 prims
  • All exhibition booth areas are rated Mature – No adult content permitted
  • Mesh objects are allowed so long as they fit within the object count
  • No Terraforming allowed
  • Please avoid physical objects where possible (Phantom is preferred)
  • Builds cannot overhang into other parcels
  • Please limit use of scripts
  • Do not use old megaprims
  • No listening or scanning scripts allowed
  • No selling
  • Tip jars are allowed; however, active solicitation for tips or donations is not allowed
  • Audio should not bleed over from the Exhibition booth area to the general areas of the sim


If you have a preference for a specific biome you can indicate your first and second preferences as part of your exhibit application. We will try to accommodate all requests however we may not be able to accommodate everyone. If your primary preference and alternate are unavailable we will provide you an opportunity to select from what is available.

Biome preferences will be handled based on a First-In/First-Out system. Please get your application in early.

The biome types in which exhibits will be available are:

  • Tundra
  • Badlands/Scrublands
  • Grasslands (limited availability)
  • Desert
  • Tropical Forest (2)
  • Temperate Forest (2)

See https://ucmp.berkeley.edu/exhibits/biomes/index.php for more information about biomes.

Important Dates

Exhibitor access to their parcel spaces will be available as of 3:00pm PT Friday February 17, 2023.
All builds must be ready for inspection no later than 12:00pm PT Saturday March 18, 2023.
The regions will be officially opened to the public at 8:00am PT Monday, March 20, 2023.

Additional Notes and Guidelines

Every year we get additional questions as to what is permissible and what isn’t. The following may be subject to updating throughout the conference as questions come up. These additional guidelines will be updated for subsequent years.

  • Once your primary exhibit area is assigned, you cannot change the location unless approved by the Exhibit Chair.
  • Exhibitors will all share a common group for building this year. Unlike in previous years you will NOT be required to purchase your exhibit space.
  • Once you have your approval and have picked up your build kit – please ensure you contact us to get into the exhibitor group in order to be able to access the regions and build on your parcel.
  • Please be aware that all prims are shared by everyone in the group in a specific region. Prims in your space will still be limited to 300 prims regardless of what the “About Land” information box says are available.
  • You will be able to modify information in the “About Land” section to set information such as your exhibit name, music streams, etc. Please do not adjust settings in parcels not assigned to you.
  • No Skyboxes this year – all exhibits must be at ground level.
  • No terraforming this year.

VWBPE is a professional conference. We expect all exhibitors and builders to be mindful of their conduct while on the property.