Exhibit Proposal Submission

We are challenging exhibitors and sponsors to come up with their best skybox ideas as an exhibit space. Your exhibition parcel will be located off the ground in our observatory in the stars. Let your imagination run wild with how you would showcase your organization, service, or project when gravity is no longer the law.

There will be no building at ground level this year. Exhibit spaces will begin at various heights from 500m to 1200m in the air. Each exhibitor will receive a special teleport HUD that will allow you to teleport to your exhibit space once assigned.

Please note that all exhibits are virtual displays that require the use of Second Life tools and virtual objects to be rendered. You are responsible for providing your own objects and adhering to the guidelines as outlined below.

VWBPE 2022 Exhibit Proposal

VWBPE 2022 Exhibit Proposal

Please complete all required fields. Refer to the VWBPE 2022 Exhibitor Guidelines.
Submission deadline is FEBRUARY 14, 2022.

Exhibitor Information

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Publishing of Exhibitor real name for exhibits is optional.
Please include the website URL of the exhibiting organization or group, or reference to where conference participants may find additional information.

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Exhibit Details

This is the information which will be made public. Please ensure that this accurately reflects the purpose of your build and what visitors will experience when they visit your exhibit. A maximum of one hyperlink may be included.

Please select only one track.
Please describe, specifically and clearly: How does this exhibit support the goals of the conference?
How will your exhibit fit the theme of the conference? Note that the theme has two components, the first is the idea of Phoenix Rising and the second is that each exhibit should represent how an exhibit would look in outer space.
It is important to take into consideration the communication needs of our diverse and international audience. Please indicate how you will make your exhibit accessible for both voice and text. Example: If you will have audio in your exhibit, will there be any provision in text for the audio components?

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