Calling all virtual world educators! Share your innovations and best practices at VWBPE 2013 (24 – 27 July). This year we are encouraging presentations from across the virtual worlds, hosting presentations in Second Life, Jokaydia Grid (OpenSim), Jibe (Unity3D), and Cloud Party. The theme is Beyond the Stage.

Join us in the multiverse and accept this year’s challenge to share the spotlight with us. Go beyond the educational stage by integrating technology, presentation, and just a bit of creative magic in this year’s call for proposals. Strike your set by selecting a stream, format, and a location in the multiverse, and we’ll be glad to cast a light on you.

Submissions Deadline: June 15, 2013 – Download Proposal Guidelines (PDF)

If you would like to be part of this, this is how you can submit a proposal:

Both these links can be found under the Conference menu above

When submitting your proposal in the Main Hall, keep in mind the following steps

  1. Add member information first.
    – Add one entry describing your real-life self
    – Add one entry describing each Avatar and Virtual World you will be using during the presentation
  2. Add your proposal and save your presentation,
  3. After the proposal has been saved, return to the Main Hall and click on the submit button

At this point you are done. Your submission will be locked for review. Expect to hear back from the Programs Committee within 2-3 weeks after submissions close on June 15th.