In his 1979 epic series, Connections, James Burke noted that “never have so many people understood so little about so much”. The innovation we take for granted has become a never ending process of change which everyone at some point is involved. One simply has to put the bits and pieces together that are there already. The right problem, described in the right way, with the right pieces, at the right time.

Before we can understand change however we need to be able to understand the world around us. Innovation doesn’t happen in straight lines. It zig-zags along borrowing from the knowledge passed along to us by the myriad of connections we make during our lives.

As a community devoted to the principles of life-long learning, we are in the unique position to break down barriers of hierarchy and open up opportunities to connect with different fields of expertise. Immersive environments allow us to play in different sandboxes. We can allow our imagination to entertain billions of possibilities that simply aren’t available when bound by the constraints of social order, economics, physics, and politics of the physical reality.

In this conference, we want to focus on how immersive environments have extended the reach of educators to imagine a world without boundaries. To reach out beyond the self-imposed constraints and opened the doors to new ways of thinking, of imagining, of expression, and of building.

We invite you to bring your best ideas. To reach out and connect with people, not because they are the same, but because they are different. To play in the maze of knowledge that everyone brings to the sandbox which is VWBPE.

Connect with us.