AvaCon Grid

Accessing AvaCon Grid

Avacon Grid is based on the virtual reality platform called OpenSimulator. It is free to access and is accessible via the hypergrid.

If you have an avatar on another OpenSimulator grid that is connected to the hypergrid, please see our hypergrid page for more information on how to access Avacon Grid. You do not need an Avacon avatar to access the conference venue if you are already set-up on another, hypergrid enabled, grid.

Account Requirements To create an AvaconGrid account, go to https://www.avacon.org/blog/avacon-grid/ and follow the instructions.
Download Software AvaconGrid (OpenSim) and Second Life both support a variety of third party viewers. Firestorm works well in both environments. Kokua is also a popular choice. The Singularity Viewer is recommended for AvaconGrid.
Voice Access The TeamSpeak software client is required to access Voice in AvaCon Grid. Download and setup instructions are found on the Accessing Voice in OpenSim page.
HyperGrid Enabled

VWBPE Gateway is hypergrid enabled for those OpenSim community members who can access the hypergrid.

To get to AvaCon Grid, you can hypergrid jump to:
You will land at the AvaCon Plaza landing point.

Main Gateway URL By hypergrid or by logging in with a viewer, you will arrive at the AvaCon Plaza. From there, you can use the VWBPE teleport kiosks to get to the conference.