If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact us.

Common Issues: Cloud Party

How do I enable voice in Cloud Party?

Follow this link for enabling voice in Cloud Party. Expect to need approximately 30 minutes for set-up and configuration.

Common Issues: Second Life

Can I adjust the graphic sizes in the Conference HUD?

In this version of the Conference HUD, the graphic sizes are preset. This is to allow people with visual disabilities to more clearly see the buttons on the HUD. Future versions of the HUD may feature a resize function, but the existing version does not have this feature.

Clicking the “Hide HUD” button causes the HUD to disappear.

On some viewers you may need to edit and move the HUD while it is in fully open mode, so that you can see the top line of the HUD which says “click for Menu”. If you cannot see this line, then the HUD will need to be re-positioned before you click on the “Hide HUD” button.

The Conference HUD is too big.

The conference HUD was designed to collapse to a small bar at the top of your screen. Simply press where it says “Hide HUD” and it should automatically move out of the way for you.

Common Issues: Second Life / OpenSim

I can’t hear what is being said on the stage.

In Second Life, assuming you have voice enabled, you can do one of two things or both if needed.

  1. You can bring up the talk controls and manually adjust the volume level of the speaker. In current versions of the Second Life viewer and the equivalent Third Party Viewers, hover your mouse over the speaker until you see their name and a little (i) symbol.
    Clicking this symbol will bring up a slider that you can use to raise or lower that speaker’s volume level.
  2. You can edit your preferences and change your Voice Chat settings to “hear voice chat from camera position,” then use your camera controls to scroll in closer to the speaker, which will increase the volume.

In AvaCon Grid, TeamSpeak is used for voice. Refer to the TeamSpeak page for details on installing and using the TeamSpeak client.

Some things are far away – how do I make them closer?

Use the Alt Key + Left Mouse Click to show a magnifying glass with a “+” in it. You can now use your mouse to adjust the camera angle close to the stage. Hit ESC twice to reset the camera back to the default position once you are done.

Common Issues: Web

The Calendar Day view overlaps presentations and I don’t like it. Can’t you do something about that?

This is a new calendar program we are using that provides several benefits including the ability to send email notifications and add events to your Outlook or Google+ calendars. We’re still working through other options on the program. If you would like to see a different type of layout, then at the top of the Calendar where it says “Day” – switch that to either Posterboard or Stream view and this may provide you with a better way to see upcoming events.

The Calendar isn’t loading. Now what?

Our website is hosted on a shared, co-located server. During peak periods, the server may experience some lag. If this happens, wait approximately 30-40 seconds, then try reloading the page.

Why don’t the forward and backward buttons work on the Calendar?

We are still working on figuring that out. For the time being, the work-around is to click on the calendar button in the middle and select the specific day you want to look at.

General Information

How much does it cost to attend VWBPE?

The VWBPE Conference is open to anyone and free of charge whether they be an educator, researcher, student, or even administration types. Use your own hardware and Internet access.

Create a free account in Second Life. You can create a free account in AvaCon Grid or if you have an avatar in an OpenSim grid that is Hypergrid-enabled and hop to AvaCon Grid.

Is any support being provided by the conference for people who need help with the Second Life Viewer?

Yes and no. There will be mentors available at the Rockcliffe University Community Gateway in Second Life, the VWBPE Gateway in Second Life, at some of the presentation venues, and in the social area of the conference that can help with general questions. VWBPE Hosts and Mentors will also be available in AvaCon Grid at the conference venues. These are all volunteers, and this support is mainly in the form of experienced people showing newer people some of the tricks of the trade. Information is also available in the “Accessing” section on the “Attendees” tab on this website.

For official support for any of the platforms, use the support pages and/or technical support websites of the respective platforms.

Where can I get more information inside the various platforms?

You can find information about accessing Second Life and AvaCon Grid, along with how to set up and use TeamSpeak in AvaCon Grid, at this link: http://vwbpe.org/attendees/accessing. More information will be available at the VWBPE Gateway in Second Life, and at the Welcome Center in AvaCon Grid.

Presentation Proposals

I’m having problems with the login process at the conference submission site.

If the main login page is giving you grief, please use the login fields on the right hand side of the page and DO NOT CHECK the “remember me” box. Also, please use the navigation links where possible rather than the back button. If you continue to have difficulties, let us know. We will follow up as soon as we can.

I’m interested in participating, however our work is not based in Second Life. Is the conference restricted to work done in Second Life only?

The conference is about the use of education within ANY virtual space. While we are running the conference in Second Life the conference is not uniquely about Second Life. In fact, we have a lot of proposals and virtual tours involving other platforms including Active Worlds, OpenSim, World of Warcraft, Club Penguin, and may even branch out into non-traditional spaces such as the use of Facebook, geo-location, and augmented reality for educational purposes. Anything which touches upon the Virtual space is open territory for submission to the conference.

When do I find out if I have been accepted?

You should receive a confirmation notice shortly after your proposal has been sent to peer review. Acceptance emails should begin to go out in May as peer reviews are completed.

Video Issues

LiveStream video is not working on Chrome

Some LiveStream advertisements are not set up correctly. You may find with Chrome that your video starts, and then the screen fades to black. This is the result of a misconfigured ad running on Livestream and various extensions you may be running on your version of Chrome which are in conflict with each other.

There are two workaround options for this problem:

  • Switch to either IE or Firefox. For some reason the same problem does not occur on those browsers; or
  • Open an “Incognito” window on Chrome (Crtl+Shift+N) and then cut and paste the link into the incognito browser window that opens. Again, for some reason the private browsing option in Chrome solves the conflict problem.
Video is not working in Second Life

The Second Life viewer does not handle the most recent version of Flash correctly. In order to get video to play inworld you must switch to the Firestorm viewer which renders Flash as part of web on a prim correctly.

The other option is to cut and paste the media URL shown above the prim into an external browser.

Note that bringing up the inworld browser does not solve this problem, as both Media-on-a-Prim and the Second Life inworld browser are using the same back-end software.