Conference Map

Conference Hall Map

Conference Attendees can get a Personal Teleporter for the various locations once they arrive at the Main VWBPE Gateway.

Location & Title

1 Main Gateway
2 Main Auditorium
3 Lecture Hall A
4 Lecture Hall B
5 Quadrivium
6 Workshop Area A
7 Workshop Area B
8 Social
9 The Queen’s Heroes in the Five Kingdoms Game Start
10 Picture Gallery
11 Show Office
12 Legacy Showcase
13 Lest We Forget


101 Virtual Outworlding
102 Rockcliffe University Consortium
103 Agile Dimensions
104 vLanguages
105 Kelly School of Business
106 GReat Kreations
201 University of New Mexico
202 Virtual Ability, Inc


301 Creatures for Social Good
302 ISTE Virtual Environments Network–Together at a Distance
303 Ghostraven Professional Attire – An Educator’s Resource for Avatar Appearance
304 The Secret Annex
305 Virtual Pioneers Re-Visioning History
306 Venezuela’s Humanitarian Crisis
401 San Jose State University’s iSchool VCARA Island
402 Welcome Aboard Neo Steampunk Pirate Scholars
403 Power by 3: Empowering Educators in Tough Times
404 Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary
405 Rockcliffe University Library
406 TBD
501 Avacon Inc – Helping build and support the Metaverse
502 METAGAME: Immerse Yourself in the Future
504 Virtual Pioneers- Re-visioning the past of History and Culture
505 VirtualExpo
506 ViWole Virtual Worlds Of Learning
507 Minecraft Learning is Fun
508 Virtual Worlds Database: Growing and Evolving
509 Bringing art from isolated regions to a world without limits
510 Back to the Future for Learning in Virtual Worlds